The Secret Cafe of Nusa Dua Bali

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Located in the less popular road of Nusa Dua; Jalan Siligita; Secret Cafe sure is one of the best of Nusa Dua secrets. Owned by a friendly and humble lady, Indra, the cafe’s interior speaks loudly of her passion in surfing and painting, perfected by her choice of soft reggae music playing at the background. It was only 9am on a Friday, but this cafe already has its chairs full with regulars, who are mostly non-locals.

It is very unusual for me to opt for a sweet breakfast, especially early in the morning. But Indra’s home made apple, cashew and chocolate cake sure captured my attention. The chocolate to my surprise is very subtle, which is exactly to my liking. Baked with pure coconut oil instead of butter, the cake still maintains its moist and fluffiness; the best option for a sweet, healthy and light breakfast. Though the coffee is not one of the best compared to the famous brews in Bali, I have to take my hat off to Indra for making a well balanced piccolo, which is the perfect companion for my breakfast cake.

Juices are freshly made with coconut water and no additional sweeteners, which I thank you for since it’s so hard to find fresh juices with no sugar in Indonesia (Yeap! Indonesian loves everything sweetened!) Oh.. Did I mention they serve infused table water too? (Another big tick for me, considering I have been living in countries where tap water is consumable).

And for those who love their coffee with soy, you can get your soy option here; or even more interesting, with coconut milk. Hmm.. Considering I’m pretty picky with my coffee, maybe I’ll pass on that. But sure I’ll be back to try their Popeye breakfast, which seem to be a popular order too.

It is no surprise though why this place is a hit, Secret Cafe sure offers something different; an affordable and a simple yet delicious menu made with fresh ingredients every day, with a homey and relaxing ambiance, away from the hustle bustle of Bali. This little hide out sure is one to visit! And one to watch for!

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