5 Cities I Recently Visited and Their Colour Vibes

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Putting aside all other awesome reasons why I love travelling, one fascinating reason why I love stepping my feet on a new city is its colour vibe. I don’t know about you but every time I’m breathing that new air, seeing its new lights, embracing the foreign weather and eating its street delicacies, it gives me their own unique colour vibe. It’s that instant picture in your head on how the trees and streets were layout, the changing seasons and how the city radiates in your memory.

Anyhow, I thought it would be interesting to list the last five cities I’ve interacted with recently and what their colour vibes are according to my feel.

And here they are,


This coastal city where I grew up has always been famous for its harbour landscape, its blue sky with natural and laid-back atmosphere. From a hike at the Blue Mountains, a famous scenic walk from Spit to Manly, a fried mars-bar on Bondi Beach to a BBQ at a friend’s balcony, regardless of where you are and whether it rain, it sunshine, it hail – Sydney, as my home sweet home, is in toto, very bluish.


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Ever since I was little, I really wanted to tick this city off my list. Counting on the Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace and Tiananmen Square, Beijing is a huge cultured city! Though, in all honesty, I got a little jittery when this interesting city got heavily polluted with oh-no-my-photo-now-look-bad smog. Blame its booming economy and ever growing factories, Beijing reminds me of a peach-y vibe, the sort of colour you want to mix between light brown and orange…..or maybe it was just dusty.


by @traveeline

South. Korea. Oh, how I wish I can put extra colours on the charts. Seoul is extremely colourful in my eyes (as a K-Pop biased, this aspect of its culture is attractively colourful :-) ). Seoul is relatively a smaller city by size but surprisingly it is very mountainous. I was very surprised that you can even hike a mountain in the middle of the city! Despite of Myeongdong’s pleasant crowd and the exquisite street foods, you will find the Bukhansan National Parks,  the infamous Han River, and those funky green buses make Seoul rather quite greenish.



I never meet anyone so far in my life who hasn’t fallen in love with Tokyo. This bustling city is hyperly-interesting. Most interesting I found is its untouched culture and Japanese who just love being… Japanese! Tokyo is interesting when it come to its pretty neon colours, though their architectures and streets are somewhat the mix shades of white and light grey- that sort of shades of androids, if you know what I mean. Akihabara probably will do some justice in that sense, and even Shinjuku I-setan gave me that alumunium-ish and silver-ish vibe.



Love this city to its dumplings, dim sum, and Nathan Road. Like any other Asia cities you visit, Hong Kong is full of vibrant colours. From the height of the Peak, to the hectic Causeway Bay, the full-on crowd of Mongkok down to the nice ride of Repulse Bay to Stanley, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many of gold jewellers anywhere else other than this city. Everytime I think of Hong Kong, I think of the Luk Fooks, Chow Tai Fooks and its best-friend, Chow Sang Sangs…I hope they are related in someway, they are always side by side. Are they even related? For now, this city is immersed with that goldish vibe.



New York is heavy. It has so much history you need an extra brain to fit them all in – the 5th Avenue atmosphere, the history of Liberty, the bull of Wall St, the convenient subway, the crossover between Broadway and 42nd street, the line outside of Shake and Shack to name a few.  This city which never sleep I guess really wont let you sleep, just the enjoyment of walking up and down the avenues, crossing the streets underneath those giant skyscrapers will make you feel New York. For me personally, this city is great for an ash grey.

What cities you recently visited and what colour vibe can you put to it?






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