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Welcome to Canvas Confessions v2.0. New look, new content, new commitment!

We recently realised that this blog has been very abandoned for a while, left in the dust of it’s past glorious days, and it makes us a little sad of the potential of what it could be, if only we were a little more disciplined. So we decided to pick it back up and dust the covers, and actually try to use this platform to document and share – and maybe provoke discussions along the way.

A few days back, we gathered together to not only revamp this site, but also to actually regroup and rethink what this site means to us and what it could be. We realised that we really love being motivated by each other, and decided to make this the overarching theme of the blog, so we have some sort of journal of all our thoughts, for the future when we feel a little lost, or need a little boost of motivation. Sharing it with the world is always a plus and if even one of you feels motivated and blessed with what we post, that would make our day!

Our new post schedule will be on Sunday nights, we figured that we might be that friend that catch you up during your Sunday night wind-down time, where you’ll have more time to reflect on the past week with that cup of relaxing tea. Also, is it too much to hope that we’ll linger in your mind throughout Monday and give you a little dash of positivism to get you through the infamous Monday blues? We sure hope so, but we won’t be too offended if we aren’t. In the end, this site is a product of love from us, to each other and to you, and we hope it come across that way too.

Tell us what you think! If there is any subject that you want us to cover, let us know in the comment box below. We’ll consider every suggestion :)

With lots of love,

Lover of all things tech, DIY and photography. When not working she does hand lettering, bullet journalling and lots of eating adventures.

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