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Many of us dread that word; “exercise”, yet we want that proportionate hot bodies of those celebrities or models we’ve always seen on television. We reason with ourselves that there are other things that take more priority in our life.

“I do not have the time.”

“I am too busy with work.”

“I am already too tired.”

We become too comfortable with our excuses that we do not even have that spare hour to fit in that quick 45 minutes pilates class before work.

Then, how can you break that cycle? What moved me to incorporate that dreading word into my daily routine?

1. It isn’t just about losing the excess baggage

We often associate exercise with losing weight. For me, that alone won’t cut it in the long run. You have to realise that the benefits that you get from working out are not limited to just that. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will improve your overall health, not just physically, but also mentally. The good bods and losing those extra kilos are just another fat additional bonus.

2. Push yourself for that one tiny change

Like any other changes in your life, the first step is always the hardest; changing your usual routine to spare those few hours to go to the gym or to have that run at the park. Embrace the change by finding those exercises that you and your body love. Even if you initially just spend that extra one hour in the morning to do a quick walk at your favourite park will definitely cut it. It always better to start somewhere rather than not at all.

3. Find that “companions”

Grab a friend, or two, or even a group of friends. You can organise fun activities that you can do together once a week to mix things up; a fun hike, an indoor rock climbing session, or even a friendly sport competition. The lists are endless. You can also poke their interest to join the gym with you. A lot of gyms nowadays have offered a good deal for bringing a friend or friends, and you will have numerous options to go to classes with your friends.

4. Don’t give up! Be patient!

Consistency is the key. I’m pretty sure you always heard the phrase “great things take time”. You can’t expect to workout throughout the week and drop those 2 kilos you’ve been dreading on in an instant. Keep your goals realistic. Taking those small steps will definitely lead to the result that you want.

5. Find that love in you!

Above all, love your body! No matter whatever shape you are currently in, love yourself! Don’t compare yourself to others. Different people have their own journey. Believe in yourself to start your own, and you will get there eventually. Trust me, the satisfaction and the rewards will amaze you.


“The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a stronger character”- Arnold Schwarzenegger


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