5 Reasons Why you Should Go on a Whirlwind Holiday

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A week before Christmas of 2015, I booked a last minute flight. No plan, no intention, no expectation, it was a return flight 24+ hours long to the other side of the world. Why? you asked. Thinking back, it could be one of the many reasons. It could be because I got a sudden leave from the office or simply because it was a festive season when everyone goes away on their long-planned trip. Or in any case, it could be because I am a spendthrift who doesn’t really value time and money and why would I go to a trip that is not even planned out nicely with all the hotels, transports and tourist attractions?

With all the whirlwind moments of not knowing of what to do, where to stay, what to eat, what attractions to see, what buses to catch, I learnt to find some reasons why I did it and here are the gist of it.


You realized it doesn’t matter where you go, what to eat, what to shop, because the moment you are on the other side of the world, you are looking at a fresh new city, new vibe, new weather, new environment, new picturesque sceneries and you are out of all those crazy work-sleep-play-work-eat-brunch-weekend-work-work routine. In that moment, you forgotten that you heven had a routine and what you see in front of you are all fresh and ‘clean’, instantaneously new. 


No matter how much you hate time, you decided to be-friend and talk to time and realized there are a lot of times you spend together with time that you even allow time to either heal your wounded soul or glorify your happiness or you can thanked time and cherished every moment you have with it right now. That one or two seconds ticks before 2pm, matters.


Looking into all the career women/men walking to work or going to see the University Street realigned your goals. Personally, I came into a year with a set of goals which didn’t line up at the end of it, frustrates the hell out of me and made me feel why-did-I-even-have-that-in-my-list moment and having this whirlwind moments blurred the lines and makes you forget those goals and allows you to reset and realign whats important and where you want to go ahead from now.


Re-energized your courage system. The fact that you’ve survived with a very small amount of planning to another part of the world, means that you can . You thought of all the big things you wanted to do in the year and still had no idea where to start, you let the thoughts flourishes with new courage and new determination. Give yourself a good Obama’s yes-you-can talk.


You had or having a tough busy year!  Allow yourself to find that sudden chill-ax air to breathe. Give a world-I-don’t-care-look, wake up late, have a drink, a laugh, a little bit of things that you never really done before and give your feet a good massage so they can hit the ground running the moment you come back to reality. After all, everyone deserves a break! You don’t need to plan a break a year and half ago. Do it tomorrow.

Happy last minute booking everyone!

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