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Happiness – that overused word that carry mixed feelings sometimes, something we always pursue, something that may be overrated, but nevertheless an important element of life. We are trying out a collaborative post today to share our thoughts or snippets of happiness – be it the latest happy incident that we could think of, mundane everyday little happiness, big life-changing stuff, anything really…

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Lately I’ve come to realise that the closest people I interact with in my everyday life, despite differences in character, have something in common: very strong and assertive personalities. Yet they are also kind and amicable people. Those are qualities I’ve always admired in people. As I got closer and hung out with them more, to my surprise this strength is sort of contagious in a good way; I could feel myself being inspired and challenged, growing and speaking up my mind more, but at the same time getting more comfortable in my own skin and we respect each other all the more because of it. To me this is also a form of happiness: getting inspired by the closest people around you, getting to know oneself more, growing in maturity (least I hope so!), with a sense of gratefulness and inner exploration.


This might sound mundane and so pretentious of me, but I find being productive very rewarding and is one of the simplest ways to bring happiness to myself. Especially when it does not require much money, good weather or a heavy reliance on others. I find my little happiness in my non-social weekend day, where I get to immerse myself in things that I love most, creating things, photography, even reorganizing. The fact that by the end of the day I can pat my shoulder and stand a little taller, knowing full well that I’ve lived that day to the fullest and with purpose, just gives me the motivation to do it again the next day.


I had never realised that a presence can mean so much. I get used to being away from my parents for so long, that I can’t remember how peaceful it is to just have them there by my side; in the same way that my modest words or actions can actually lit up the whole house with laughter.  It might sound so cliché, but my happiness truly can come in a very simplest way within the warmth of a home, and seeing both my parents smile.


I had been sick these couple of days. Flu has had me surrender to nothing but lying in bed all day long. But God sent me His angel just in time! Mum visit is my greatest blessing this time around and nothing beats mum’s remedy. My sister who is also in the middle of relocating, stays at my place for the time being making the house full of warmth and being very helpful with all the chores. I can’t describe how blessed and grateful I am. And also at other times, unexpected helping hands always come around when when I need them. It’s the little things that count. God always provide the right person/people at the right time :)


Winning the ballot to have tea with the Queen and the royal family! Since I rarely, or actually – never won anything so prestigious in my life time, this one ought to make it into the happy list. I should also put on the fact that this is a once in lifetime opportunity as you can only attend the Royal Garden Party once – and once only. I think everyone will be excited to see the glamour of the Royals in their own backyard of Buckingham Palace with endless teas and delicious carrot and chocolate cakes. Adding jackpot to  have a chat with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Pinch. Life. Score! One of the epic experiences I would tell my grand-kids about.




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