Seeking Balance – Part I

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This post is a collection of pondering and musings, a record of train of thoughts. Once I hypothesize that balance is one delicate yet essential concept towards leading a good life. Throughout adult life, especially after graduation, I find that once  something (a trend, tendency, a series of events, anything) tips towards one end of a scale, my natural tendency was to try restoring the balance. Let me try to elaborate…

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Work – life balance

Such a cliche phrase that I need not flesh out too much. Shame that it is so, so overused that some people (Bosses. Corporations. Countries.) have become blasé towards it. I started out full-time work with ambition and ideal and over-eagerness, until I realise that it would never be enough.

Too much work kills productivity and efficiency, it is simply a killjoy and a threat to sanity. One the other side, too much leisure hinders sense of accomplishment and purpose, lessens excitement and make one take it for granted.

Social vs me-time

It is refreshing to ‘recharge’ by spending time with friends and loved ones, sharing moments with the people closest to you. It is also incredibly rewarding to spend time in one’s company, savoring independence, where you are your own master and don’t need to compromise about anything with anyone.

Each individual may have different social preferences and tolerances such as: small but boisterous gathering with old friends, or a big noisy party full of strangers, or quiet intimate moments with loved ones. Each individual may also have different me-time such as going shopping and watching a movie alone, solo travel, or Netflix-bingeing with junk food in pajamas.

Regardless, I do think everyone, without fail, will need a combination of both. I identify as introvert, but after days of me-time I would long to spend time with close friends. To my surprise, my friends who identify as extroverts admit that they too crave for some me-time after endless social bouts.

Different circle of friends

Engaging with different group of friends expose one to different kind of excitement, activities and situations, and mold one into a more well-rounded person. Sometimes, I find that if I hang around with the same group continuously over and over again, conversation could run dry and atmosphere could turn dull. However, given some distance and variety, the quality of our conversations become so much better.

It is a plus if those group of friends come from different background – it keeps one open-minded and growing, and turn one into a more adaptable person. I’m not saying I would be comfortable hanging out with a group of people I am incompatible with (in fact I would be the first one to run the other direction).

I personally dislike small talk and find it such a chore to mingle and try making new friends, but I do think it is a necessary evil – after all, it needs energy and effort to turn new friends into comfort zone. It is an investment.


There you go..  some of my examples / views on balance. And it is not yet done… As this post turns out to be overly long, I will continue in Part II. I do wonder if you guys feel the same way though?


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