Why Exercise is not just a mere of Losing Weight?

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It is not common that the reason why we exercise relate to one mutual answer, especially for women; to lose weight. As far as I remember, I have always been active. My childhood filled with memories of basketball games, ballet and dance classes. Physical exercise is a compulsory subject in Singapore during my high school time, and I was also an active runner. When I moved to Sydney, I joined the gym, did most Les Mills classes like Body Attack, Body Combat and Body Pump. I was exposed to Boxing, Muay Thai and Krav Maga. I swim, did Pilates and Yoga classes from time to time. You named it! I tried anything I can get my hands on; Indoor Rock Climbing, Cross Fit, TRX, Zuu, Movement, Calisthenics, home video exercises; such as Shaun T Insanity programs, Focus T25, Kayla Itsines Bikini Body guide, Nike Training app.

What do you think was my main reason then to exercise?

Yes, exactly! As I grew older, like any other women out there, I also wanted to lose weight. I wanted to get in shape so I’ll be more attractive. Sure, I have to admit that it is still one of the reasons why I exercise up until now. But little did I know, that one reason that used to be the sole, slowly become less important. Exercise becomes a daily lifestyle that I get used to before I realised it.

I guess elaborating more on one of the points I have in my previous post, “Five Ultimate Keys to Motivate You to Exercise”, I can say that the benefits I get from exercising is not just limited to losing the weight. In fact, I actually gain the weight without the figure due to the muscle mass.

I get complimented a lot that I look younger than I actually am. You can reason that the person I’ve just met was just most probably trying to be nice. But if you hear it multiple times from different group of people, and gender, it sure speaks for itself that exercise does play a role in keeping your outer beauty.

I also realised that my body is less prone to common air borne sickness, like flu and cough. Especially in developing countries like in Indonesia, with the amount of limited access of healthy food choices, and the polluted weather, an active lifestyle will actually build a stronger immune system.

Some exercises can also train your mental strength, such as running and yoga. I think I’ll elaborate these on a slightly different topic on my next post.

Once you made exercising part of your lifestyle, even if you can spare as little as 30 minutes every morning, I guarantee eventually that burst of energy from your active morning will last you throughout the day. Of course if you decided to exercise in the morning, make sure that you also have enough rest the night before. Finding the balance is also as important.

What I’m really trying to say, take care of your body, always, every time! It is the one “temple” you have to live in for a very long time. Exercise does not have to be the thing you do when you have to lose that excess kilos quickly for your best friend’s wedding next month. It does not also have to be a hardcore activity where you feel sore all over your body or when you are about to puke from that Zumba class, to be called an exercise. Exercise can be a part of your life; and I promise you, your physical and mental health will thank you for a very long time!

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