Canvas confessions is the brainchild of 5 girls with different interests, brought together by their love of motivational quotes, good food and adventures. Join them in their quest to find themselves and everything else that comes with it.

Behind Canvas Confessions



Doodle Maester

Alice is an avid doodler and carbs lover who resides in Tokyo. Currently exploring her interests in digital sketching, she’s also enthusiastic about low maintenance houseplants, cute non-biting dogs, design, illustration, architecture and stories. She aspires to be neat and minimalist but is plagued with a perpetually messy desk. By day, she is a structural engineer.

Weapon of choice:
2B mechanical pencil, watercolour, detailing brushes, rice and noodles, her trusty iPhone.


Wanderlust seeker

Aveline is a commercial financial analyst in the progress of seeing the bigger world. She loves travelling, socialising and happy sunshines. Her interests are travelling, people (you!), life-coach and inspirational matters. She is spontaneous, ultimate kpop lover and is currently invested in learning landscape and urban photography.

Weapon of choice:
Google Maps, Flights Booking Apps, Luggage, a Pair of Nike sneakers.


Health & Fitness Devotee

Winda is a qualified CPA accountant by accident. Determined to start her own venture, she recently migrated her life back to Indonesia after 15 years living abroad. Her passion in health and fitness has always been her identity definition. She is very picky with her coffee and she loves her food fresh and simple.

Weapon of choice:
yoga mat, boxing gloves, the walls, polar watch, protein shakes and pre-workout, workout apps



Marc is a web designer and developer by day, and a lettering artist, photographer and DIY enthusiast in her spare time. Her interest includes design, photography, crafts, technology, good food and winter. When not in front of the computer, you might find her outside shooting pictures or checking out new cafes. She is also the gatekeeper of all things tech here in Canvas Collections, so if you find bugs, please let her know.

Weapon of choice:
Fuji-XT1, iMac, HTML & CSS, bullet journal, Hot glue gun, calligraphy pens and ink.



B is an Accountant in the making. She has an extrovert personality and loves everything artsy & historical. Living in the moment is her motto and thus her passion revolves around personal development, lip-smacking food, travelling, fashion and design. With a daring attitude, bubbly mouth and curious mind, sometimes she could be a rolling fireball. Not to forget, she loves greens to be in her food and snap pictures wherever she goes.

Weapon of choice:
Skinny Cap, Canon 70D and Samsung NX3300.