image credit: markusspiske It is not common that the reason why we exercise relate to one mutual answer, especially for women; to lose weight. As far as I remember, I have always been active. My childhood filled with memories of basketball games, ballet and dance classes. Physical exercise is a compulsory subject in Singapore during my high school time, and I was also an active runner. When I moved to Sydney, I joined the gym, did most Les Mills classes like Body Attack, Body Combat…Continue Reading “Why Exercise is not just a mere of Losing Weight?”


Those who knew me well knows that I have a number of projects going at the same time, and I constantly get asked about how I manage to sustain all of that when coupled with full-time work and social life. I thought this topic is a nice follow up to our last happiness project snippet, and I thought maybe elaborating on it would be a good idea? I hope so. Being productive is not easy, trust me, but there are ways to train yourself so that…Continue Reading “My key to productivity”


Happiness – that overused word that carry mixed feelings sometimes, something we always pursue, something that may be overrated, but nevertheless an important element of life. We are trying out a collaborative post today to share our thoughts or snippets of happiness – be it the latest happy incident that we could think of, mundane everyday little happiness, big life-changing stuff, anything really… Image credit: zwaddi Alice Lately I’ve come to realise that the closest people I interact with in my everyday life, despite differences in character,…Continue Reading “Snippets of Happiness”


A week before Christmas of 2015, I booked a last minute flight. No plan, no intention, no expectation, it was a return flight 24+ hours long to the other side of the world. Why? you asked. Thinking back, it could be one of the many reasons. It could be because I got a sudden leave from the office or simply because it was a festive season when everyone goes away on their long-planned trip. Or in any case, it could be because I am a…Continue Reading “5 Reasons Why you Should Go on a Whirlwind Holiday”

Breaking Up with Social Media

Here to you I confess: I’m a social media addict. C’mon, I’m a Millennial who loves a great visualisation along with vast information included; plus you can shop around just by touching your screen! For most of us, especially the Gen Y and Post Millennials, social media (and mobile phone) plays a BIG part in our life. Sometimes it feels like our life depends on it. Not an hour will pass away without us checking Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, you name them all. Believe me, the…Continue Reading “Breaking Up With Social Media”

Image taken by: Adeline Wibowo Many of us dread that word; “exercise”, yet we want that proportionate hot bodies of those celebrities or models we’ve always seen on television. We reason with ourselves that there are other things that take more priority in our life. “I do not have the time.” “I am too busy with work.” “I am already too tired.” We become too comfortable with our excuses that we do not even have that spare hour to fit in that quick 45 minutes…Continue Reading “FIVE ULTIMATE KEYS TO MOTIVATE YOU TO EXERCISE”


Having moved cities a total of four times throughout my years, one thing I find is that it gets a little harder each time. Moving somewhere new seems effortless when one was way younger (especially as a four-year-old who just had to follow wherever her parents went), had less emotional baggage, and zero adult responsibilities. Last year I made a move to a new city and here are my takes, my three cents or three points to survive those exciting times. 1. The adulting part I…Continue Reading “Three cents on moving somewhere new”


Hello, Welcome to Canvas Confessions v2.0. New look, new content, new commitment! We recently realised that this blog has been very abandoned for a while, left in the dust of it’s past glorious days, and it makes us a little sad of the potential of what it could be, if only we were a little more disciplined. So we decided to pick it back up and dust the covers, and actually try to use this platform to document and share – and maybe provoke discussions…Continue Reading “Canvas Confessions v2.0”

The Milky Way by NASA Space Hubble Telescope.

My usual morning started off with a long drive to work. There is usually no time to muck around at home, no coffees, no hot breakfast, it is straight out with my favourite radio hosts on air – on the road. What was different this morning, I decided to turned my hilarious KissFM to  the dry repetitive yet important AM news. and what do you know – this morning, for a very particular reason, or so, I believe, there were no other news bigger than the hypothesised…Continue Reading “One Thing Planet Nine Reminds Me Of”