A week before Christmas of 2015, I booked a last minute flight. No plan, no intention, no expectation, it was a return flight 24+ hours long to the other side of the world. Why? you asked. Thinking back, it could be one of the many reasons. It could be because I got a sudden leave from the office or simply because it was a festive season when everyone goes away on their long-planned trip. Or in any case, it could be because I am a…Continue Reading “5 Reasons Why you Should Go on a Whirlwind Holiday”

Shibuya at night

Ohai Tokyo! Thank you for being so warm and welcoming, frustrating and challenging, rewarding, fantastic and bizarre, always dynamic and full of life  Places: Ueno Park Keio train tracks, Higashimatsubara Shimokitazawa Shinjuku station Shibuya crossing Senso-ji, Asakusa Some karaoke house, Takadanobaba Yakiniku Jumbo, Shirokane Takanawa Music: Who’s Theme – Nujabes ft Minmi


Putting aside all other awesome reasons why I love travelling, one fascinating reason why I love stepping my feet on a new city is its colour vibe. I don’t know about you but every time I’m breathing that new air, seeing its new lights, embracing the foreign weather and eating its street delicacies, it gives me their own unique colour vibe. It’s that instant picture in your head on how the trees and streets were layout, the changing seasons and how the city radiates in your memory. Anyhow, I…Continue Reading “5 Cities I Recently Visited and Their Colour Vibes”

The Milky Way by NASA Space Hubble Telescope.

My usual morning started off with a long drive to work. There is usually no time to muck around at home, no coffees, no hot breakfast, it is straight out with my favourite radio hosts on air – on the road. What was different this morning, I decided to turned my hilarious KissFM to  the dry repetitive yet important AM news. and what do you know – this morning, for a very particular reason, or so, I believe, there were no other news bigger than the hypothesised…Continue Reading “One Thing Planet Nine Reminds Me Of”